Grateful for care provided to mother

I would like to thank the staff and volunteers at Mt. Nemo Christian Nursing Home for the care and love they have given my mother over the course of the last five and a half years.

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and, ultimately, she needed 24-hour care at a nursing home.

It is difficult to come to terms with putting your mother in a home. You have to place your trust in others to care for her as you would. There is so much worry.

Alzheimer's is a dark journey where you watch someone you love slowly slip away.

First, my mother was forgetful and confused at times. Then, she couldn't write her name or paint a picture. At the home, she forgot how to play the piano, walk, speak or feed herself. You mourn each stage as another piece of your loved one is taken away.

Yet at every step, there was someone there at the home who would help her and our family adjust. They would accommodate everything when it was needed. Never too early and never too late. Each new stage was handled with grace and kindness.

How often I can recall someone holding my troubled gaze with understanding and assurance.

The last stage was by far the most profoundly moving. I spent many hours by my mother's side during her last days. She stopped eating and drinking so the end was imminent. She was completely at the mercy of others. Again, there was so much kindness.

The staff working in other parts of the home would come to see her, ask me how she was doing, stroke her hair, touch her hand.

The nurses and personal support workers on duty would care for her. They would reposition her, wash her, moisten her mouth, and medicate her so that she was pain free and comfortable. It is true that it is their job to care but yet I felt that they went beyond this. They were so sincere and loving towards my mother. I found myself weeping from gratitude more than anything else.

My father-in-law once told me that the world is made up of takers and leavers. The wonderful people at Mt. Nemo are leavers. They gave love and compassion to my mother and her family, and have left me with a greater sense of hope for humanity. Thank you.

Catherine Manschot - Burlington. (

To the Staff of Mount Nemo Nursing Home - (click to read more)

Thank you so very much! I am writing to express my gratitude to the staff for taking such good care of my grandmother, Doris Gray, these past several years. My grandmother was a special lady and was very dear to me. I use to visit/call her often when I lived down south. It was a difficult time for the whole family when her Alzheimer's prevented her from recognizing us and then robbed her of her ability to speak and communicate. However, it was a comfort to me and our family to know that she was treated with dignity and compassion in your nursing home. I have lived in Northern Ontario (Elliot Lake) the past 7 years and unfortunately was only able to visit once or twice a year as we would only travel to Burlington around Christmas time. However, I would inquire about my grandmother often when speaking to my aunts and uncles and they would tell me that your staff took excellent care of her. It was a relief to me, being so far away, to know that she was in good hands.

Please accept the enclosed donation as a token of appreciation and also to honour the memory of my grandmother, Doris Gray. She will be greatly missed.

Sincerely, Mami Kay and family and the Palumbo families

It's hard to put into words all that Mount Nemo meant to our Mom and to us, her family. - (click to read more)

We still remember the first day Mom arrived. Staff were right there to help us with her. That meant the world to us.

We watched Mom come back to life under your care and all the staff. We knew in our hearts the Lord had provided the best place for Mom. That was the greatest gift to us. For the next year and a half we saw staff who loved Mom, cared for her, laughed with her, hugged and kissed her. It meant so much to see your staff stop and take a moment to say "Hi Mary" and give a positive word. We saw loving and tender hands that bathed, clothed and took care of her daily needs. We saw the tears too when Mom passed away.

The work that each of you do each and every day is not easy and not always rewarding. We hope that when you have discouraging days you will remember the transformation in our Mom's life in just a short time that all of you helped to bring. Know this, your hard work, love and care does not go unnoticed and does make a difference in the lives of the residents.

Mount Nemo truly was home for Mom, thank you all so very much.

With love, Josie & Marion & family.

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