Therapeutic and Diagnostic Programs

Various programs are offered at Mount Nemo Christian Nursing Home in order to provide a restorative, maintenance and supportive role in the direct care of the residents. These programs include:

• Dental
• Social Services
• Speech Language Pathology
• Radiology
• Podiatry
• Pharmaceutical
• Laboratory
• Occupational Therapy

All of the above programs are provided at no cost except for dental services and podiatry.

1. Medical Services

Residents may continue to see their present physician if the physician is willing to visit the home on a routine basis and in the event of an emergency. Medical care is available 24 hours a day.

Physicians are responsible for regular two weekly visits, three monthly drug reviews, completing an annual physical examination on each resident as well as attending an initial and annual care conference. The Medical Advisor is responsible for maintaining and evaluating the overall medical care at the nursing home.

2. Physiotherapy, Exercise Program

By improving mobility, strength, flexibility and balance, our rehab and restorative care programs help residents do as much as possibly by themselves, for themselves.

Our teams work with residents to develop personal goals and programs to improve the resident's independence. Through our rehab initiatives, for example, we look to address many of our residents' key priorities. These include reducing falls, reducing the impact of osteoporosis; decreasing the pain of arthritis; enhancing abilities after a stroke; managing the progression of dementia/Alzheimer's and neurological conditions; providing post-surgical support and more.

3. Dietary Programs

The dietary services of Mount Nemo Christian Nursing Home accommodate resident preferences, ethnic and cultural values and traditions in both menu and special event planning.

Dietary services provide safe and nutritious foods that contribute to the residents' health and well being. A Consultant Dietitian is part of our care team.




4. Pastoral Care

A Pastoral Service Committee coordinates and monitors pastoral services. The Committee strives to meet the needs of all residents through regular worship services as well as pastoral visits. A Chapel is available in the lower level for private visits, pastoral visits, and quiet time.

Participation in the Christian aspects of the home is completely voluntary, and comfort and counseling may be obtained through visits by the residents' own pastor. A pastoral care brochure is available for further details. Regular Sunday morning Church services are held as well as Bible Study every Wednesday morning.

5. Life Enrichment

We strive to provide quality programs that meet the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual needs of all residents.

Programs range from individual visiting to large group programs both within the home and in the community. In addition, programs are tailored and geared to meet the needs of our residents in the Special Care Unit.

We have a sensory-stimulation room based on the "Snoezelen" concept.

6. Uninsured Services

Charges for uninsured services such as hairdressing, mending and ironing are included with the monthly billing. A two dollar co-payment for each prescription, medication not covered by Ontario Drug Benefit, telephone, dental service, newspaper, cable, etc. will be billed directly via company concerned.

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