Our dietary team includes a nutrition manager, cooks, dietary aides and a consulting dietitian. Together, they strive to provide delicious and nutritious meals to our residents, by recognizing that every person enjoys foods differently.


Together, they are committed to providing safe and nutritious foods that contribute to the residents’ health and well-being.

Our menu rotates between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter and includes 2 choices for each meal. Each menu item is approved by the Residents’ Council and Registered Dietitian and feedback on the food is regularly sought through our Food Council.

Dessert time


Our nutritious meals are served 3 times per day with snacks and refreshments served in between. Some residents may receive additional supplements to ensure proper nutrition is achieved.

As meals are often a highlight for residents, we always strive to serve them in a welcoming, home-like environment. Our dietary services accommodate resident preferences, ethnic traditions and cultural values in both daily menu and special event planning. We have monthly themes where a special meal is served and, because we are a small home, we have the capacity to make home-cooked meals.

For residents who may wish to sleep longer, we offer a Flex Meals program, which is a continental-type of breakfast that can be served later in the morning. For example, hard boiled eggs, toast, yogurt, muffins or fruit can be seen on our Flex Meals menu.

Additionally, we offer an “Always Available” menu, for when a resident doesn’t prefer either of the main menu options. On this menu, typical offerings include salads, various types of sandwiches, and canned soup.

  • omlette
  • sandwich and salad
  • cabbage rolls
  • hamburger

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