Our Family Council plays an important role in the operation of our home.


Our Family Council is a self-led, self-determining group of individuals who work to improve life for our residents and the loved ones who are supporting them. Anyone who is important to a resident can join the Family Council.

Nursing Care Team


The Family Council is involved in a variety of tasks including:

  • Providing suggestions for improved operations of the Home
  • Providing support to the families of newly-admitted residents
  • Providing feedback on the residents’ living environment
  • Assisting new residents in the adjustment to their new home
  • Assisting with special projects around the Home (i.e., planting gardens)
  • Planning special events for residents
  • Assisting with fundraising activities

The Family Council also receives regular updates from our Administrator about inspection reports, quality improvement activities, and financial statements.

The Family Council typically meets monthly, with meeting dates advertised in our “Home Happenings” monthly newsletter.

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