We offer a variety of programs designed to meet the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of all residents.


Programs are offered in individual, small and large group settings. To ensure safety during COVID, our recreational programs have been adapted. Programs are currently offered in small group settings, certain programs have been adapted or temporarily cancelled, and residents gather only with those from their home area.

Our Life Enrichment team members are trained in adaptive techniques to ensure all residents can be involved in programs in a manner suited to their needs and abilities.

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Our team members also ensure that each resident is supported in independent and individual leisure pursuits ranging from having a friendly conversation, praying together, supplying knitting supplies, providing books to read, etc.

We view families as partners in care. Families are encouraged to review the monthly recreational calendar and programs. We also provide opportunities for residents and families to connect through the use of video calls.

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Compassionate spiritual care is at the heart of the care provided in our home.

We believe that, as a team, we have the duty and privilege to provide spiritually for those that have been entrusted to our care. All of our resident care and services are provided through a Christian heart of love and compassion.

We start each meal with prayer and offer several religious programs each week, including bible studies and hymn sings. We are supported by several community churches of various denominations who provide weekly worship services.

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